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From New Zealand to the world: I’m on a mission to connect and develop people through futsal.  I live in Manchester and work in content marketing, and as a futsal coach at Tranmere Rovers FC and Sala Soccer Schools. I’m so lucky to have a clear passion and direction at a young age – some people never find it. So I feel a real sense of responsibility to chase it.

I came across the sport of futsal almost 10 years ago and my passion has grown every day. I’ve met some great people and role models in the game too. With the internet, there is no excuse for not telling your story to the world and spreading something you’re passionate about. So this is my book, my life story, as I do what I can to help grow the game I love.

In my hometown of Wellington, I was lucky enough grow futsal as a full-time Futsal Development Officer, and also started a supporters club for New Zealand’s All White’s national football team, called The Flying Kiwis. Because of our unique limitations of geographical isolation, population and resource, this produces a unique drive and creativity in our people. Against all odds, Kiwis Can Fly on the world stage, in sport or in any field. I’m a proud New Zealander of Hungarian heritage, and both of these are at the core of who I am.


I have an eternal desire to keep learning and growing my own knowledge in futsal and sport psychology, to contribute to my community by helping elite athletes improve their performance, and to teach life skills through sport for kids.

I believe the futsal court is a training ground for life. I believe Kiwis Can Fly. Both seem ridiculous. But until you believe, there is no chance.


  • BSc: Psychology & Marketing
  • Google Squared Online Graduate
  • Uefa B Futsal: In progress
  • Uefa B Youth: In progress

Tranmere Rovers Futsal Assistant Coach



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