Futsal, Psychology & Life: 10 000 views. Thank you.

The 10 000th pair of eyes has just seen my blog. This amazes me, thank you. Thank you for the interest and curiosity in the things I talk about. As diverse as the subjects are, they thoroughly interest me and I want to share this and trigger thoughts in others.

This blog also got me my current job and potential new career, so I will always be grateful to anyone that clicked through for a read. Thanks for the assist.

Worldwide views

I’d love to know which ones you appreciated and which ones got you thinking. If 10 000 have read an article, but nobody has read and reconsidered or thought something new then I’ve failed. I want to trigger thought.

I don’t want to tell you what to think. But just to think.

I want to encourage you to be more self-aware and think for your self.

Here’s my Top 10 posts. [+1] because I couldn’t cut it down:







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Futsal, Coaching, Psychology & Life. Connecting people through futsal. A Hungarian New Zealander in Manchester.

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