I don’t wish you good luck in 2016

I don’t.

I care for you, yes.

But wishing for luck is beyond your control.

And it also screams that you doubt and worry the person you are wishing luck to doesn’t it?! Are you wishing them good luck surviving another year?

Wishing someone ‘luck’ emphasizes their lack of control over a situation, which can increase anxiety. It comes back to what is called the Task (or mastery) Focus or Outcome Focus in Psychology. We can’t control the outcome. To use the metaphor of sport, this would be the scoreboard. Or at work, the sales total.

Why not focus on what we can control? Why not talk about how you’re going to treat the year, the day, the next assignment, presentation, project or whatever work you do?

What we can control is what we put in, measurable behaviours we want to achieve. We can’t control if we lose 10kg this year. But we can control the decision to go to three gym classes a week and to choose a specific food for breakfast each morning. Which one is more empowering to think about? If we have a calendar and cross off each day we planned to go to the gym, that is out success, and the results will likely follow.

The research shows that a Mastery Focus is more effective. It gives you less stress, and results in more focus on the behaviours that are likely to produce the outcome you want. It also can help achieve the three things required for self directed intrinsic motivation: autonomy (feeling of control), competence feedback (feeling of success, eg crossing the days off) and the last is relatedness (go find a buddy to do it with!).

So yes, have a nice lofty goal you want to achieve. But write a plan about how you will get there and measure your success as sticking to that plan. Focus on the task. It’s what each of these famous quotes is telling you too.

‘Fortune favours the brave.’

‘Luck comes to those who are prepared.’

‘Chance favours the prepare mind.’

If you nail it, we will be wishing 2016 good luck at the way you are going to treat it.

Explore your potential to change your life.

Power to the people.

I wish good luck…………..  to 2016.

You’re going to nail it.

Good Luck 2016





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