Man Goes Sober: The Internet Reacts

My article on my being young, single and sober on received thousands of interactions in a few hours online through Stuff, Facebook and Twitter. My phone went crazy.

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I talked about the absolutely uncomprehendable scenario of being sober, in my twenties, while I’m single.

It certainly split opinion, highlighted some people’s concerns and maybe hinted at some of our culture around alcohol. I like positive feedback, but sometimes I think we learn from negative feedback, from failure.

With that in mind, here’s my favourite pieces of feedback that the recent article received.

10. Indian fan mail through messenger:

10 Indianspiration

9. More fan mail through messenger:

9 I cant believe your still single

8. This is a fair point. I said it’s not for everyone and I’m not trying to sell or force a lifestyle here, just sharing my experience:

8 You can have all that

7. Awesome people like Jacqui:

4 quite a catch

6. Inspiration from Toowoomba, Australia:


5. “Back in my day”. In all seriousness I think about being old and want to make that old guy happy.

7 Rolling Back the Years

4. Cougartown.

4 jacqui you rock Matt


3. The drinking culture sometimes:

6. Toowoomba

2. This one. Haha. Because only a psychopath could give up and cope without drinking, right?!!

2 THe Real Rex

1. Nick Willis. It’s indescribable to have feedback and praise like this, from a childhood sporting hero of mine and an Olympic silver medalist 1500m runner. His share had more likes, comments and shares than the original Stuff facebook post, almost a thousand total.

 Nick Willis Latest

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